Gold Star Guys aka 'The Sunflowers'

17 April 2013

The closest I have to a gold star in my garden. With bee bonus.
I've been blessed to know men who've helped and advocated for me. Sometimes I've written about them. This list is of men I don't know, but who support women writers and directors. PLEASE send me additions! We need to know about these men. Who notice inequity and speak out. Who make changes large and small to encourage diversity in filmmaking. Etc.

The list's inspired by a series of tweets I saw this morning, from @thompowers.

Sunflower #1 THOM POWERS

 Sunflower #1 – Thom Powers
It starts with this tweet (though maybe he's done something similar in the past and I haven't noticed).
The list he supplements contains NOT ONE woman-directed doco. His list attracts more suggestions. And THEN, tonight, he offers another fine list, and tweets:
Who is Thom Powers? Here's his bio from the Toronto International Film Festival site:
Thom Powers has been an International Documentary Programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival® since 2006. He is also responsible for Mavericks, the Festival’s discussion series with cinema innovators.

Powers is the Artistic Director for the weekly documentary series, “Stranger than Fiction” at Manhattan’s IFC Center and for the DOC NYC festival in November. He also consults on programming for the Miami International Film Festival. He has directed documentaries for HBO and PBS; and is a founding member of the documentary production company Sugar Pictures. He teaches documentary courses at New York University’s School of Continuing Professional Studies and the School of Visual Arts.

He is a co-founder of the Cinema Eye Honors, an annual award for documentary excellence; and the Garrrett Scott Development Grant.

He has served as a juror for Sundance, SXSW, CPH: DOX and DocAviv festivals; as well as the Emmy, IDA and Independent Spirit Awards. He has written extensively on documentary filmmaking for The Boston Globe, Real Screen, and Filmmaker Magazine.
I want to fill his office with sunflowers! Make him a kowhai crown! Instead, this tiny tribute.

18 October 2013
Sunflower #2: COLIN STOKES

Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, the Bechdel Test. This is a dad who cares; and who's engaged in some pretty smart analysis. We need 100 Gold Star guys just like him.